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State healthcare institution «Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital» has been providing high-quality medical assistance for more than 200 years.

The Hospital was founded in 1801 during Alexander I regency and remains the leading medical treatment facility in the region at all times.

Nowadays Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital is a multi-field hospital with tertiary care system, where the consulting, diagnostic and specialty, including high-tech, types of care are provided. Besides, the Hospital affords assistance in organizational, methodological and scientific-practical issues for medical specialists of the region.

There are more than 2,000 people on staff of the Hospital; the majority of them are members of the various medial communities.

Hospital routine staff includes:

17 Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation

3 Honored Health Workers

15 Honored Health Workers of the Ulyanovsk Region

38 Excellent Workers of Public Health

3 Doctors of Medical Science

32 Candidates of Medical Science

The Hospital has a total of 1,010 beds. High technology health care is provided in 26 specialized units fitted with an advanced equipment.

The Hospital provides:

Special healthcare

Specialized healthcare services, including quaternary healthcare in:

- Cardiology

- Rheumatology

- Gastroenterology

- Neurosurgery

- Otorhinolaryngology

- Ophthalmology

- Thoracic Surgery

- Cardio surgery

- Urology

- Endocrinology

- Surgery

- Neonatal Intensive Care Department (including Pathology of the Newborns)

More than 18,000 surgical services, including 1,600 high-tech ones are provided in the Hospital per year.

The structure of the Hospital includes Consultative Polyclinic Department for 600 outpatient visits per day and 28 medical specialties. In this Department more than 200,000 people receive high quality medical assistance per year.

The Perinatal Center of the Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital is the facility with a tertiary level of care for pregnant women, women in labour and newborns. Our obstetrical and neonatal staffs are well qualified to assist women experiencing high risk or complicated pregnancy, including women with extragenital diseases. Our Perinatal Center has all the necessary conditions to care for premature newborns with low and extremely low birth weight.

Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital provides high quality medical services to the foreigners (over the age of 18) under the terms and conditions of the internationally accepted standards.

Urgent and emergency cares are provided free-of-charge. Foreign nationals have the right to receive free-of-charge medical help under the frame of compulsory medical insurance in case they are insured parties, according to the federal act «On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation».

In addition, medical help to the foreigners is provided according to the terms of the voluntary medical insurance or as a part of paid medical service.

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